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Underwater Photo Optics I

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Volume Number: 0007
Date Published: 1 June 1966

Table of Contents
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Author(s): R. C. Thatcher
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Principles Of Underwater Lighting
Author(s): S. Q. Duntley
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Underwater Experiments On The Polarization, Coherence, And Scattering Properties Of A Pulsed Blue-Green Laser
Author(s): G. D. Gilbert; T. R. Stoner; J. L. Jernigan
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Improvement Of Underwater Visibility By Reduction Of Backscatter With A Circular Polarization Technique
Author(s): Gary D. Gilbert; John C. Pernicka
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Light Scattering In The Sea
Author(s): Edward M. Thorndike; Maurice Ewing
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Underwater Illumination & Imaging Measurements
Author(s): Frank S. Replogle
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Optimization Of Optical Senson For Deep Submergence Applications
Author(s): R. T. Hodgson
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Application Of A Laser Scanning And Imagine System To Underwater Viewing
Author(s): Albert W. Angelbeck
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Extended Range Underwater Viewing Systems
Author(s): R. E. Martin
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Underwater Range Gated Photography
Author(s): Paul J. Heckman
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Underwater Detection And Classification System
Author(s): A. Immarco; T. Oigarden Kollsman Instrument Corporation
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High Repetition Rate Q Switched Laser For Range Gated Application
Author(s): Neale E. Johnson
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A Wide Angle Camera For Photographic Search Of The Ocean Bottom
Author(s): R. B. Patterson
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Mosaic And Strip Scanning Photogrammetry Of Large Areas Underwater Regardless Of Transparency Limitations
Author(s): Dimltri I. Rebikoff
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Light And Sound Under Water
Author(s): Harold E. Edgerton
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Effects Of Depth On Color Rendition
Author(s): Ernest H. Brooks
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Psychological Aspects Of Underwater Vision
Author(s): Kiyoe Mizusawa
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Instrumentation For The Prediction Of Underwater Visibility Range As A Function Of Water Condition
Author(s): Robert O. Briggs; Greg Morris
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Review Of Nots Deep Sea Photographic Techniques
Author(s): Frank Strahalm
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Optimization Of Light Sources For Underwater Illumination
Author(s): G. L. Hatchett
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Acrylic Windows For Underwater Structures
Author(s): G. M. Dunn; J. D. Stachiw
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Stereoscopic Representation Of Bathymetric And Magnetic Profiles
Author(s): C. G. A. Harrison; J. D. Mudie
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