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Selected Papers on Morphological Image Processing: Principles and Optoelectronic Implementations
Editor(s): Tomasz Szoplik
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Date Published: 9 July 1996
Pages: 628
Volume: MS127

Table of Contents
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Section One
3 Introduction to mathematical morphology Jean Serra (Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing 1986)
26 Grayscale morphology Stanley R. Sternberg (Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing 1986)
49 Morphological optics J. Serra (Journal of Microscopy 1987)
71 Image analysis using mathematical morphology Robert M. Haralick, Stanley R. Sternberg, Xinhua Zhuang (IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 1987)
90 Morphological systems for multidimensional signal processing Petros Maragos, Ronald W. Schafer (Proceedings of the IEEE 1990)
111 Statistical morphology Alan Yuille, Luc Vincent, Davi Geiger (in Image Algebra and Morphological Image Processing II, P.D. Gader and E.R. Dougherty, editors, 1991)
123 Statistical morphology R.M. Haralick, E. Dougherty, J. Ha, T. Kanungo, S. Karasu, C.K. Lee, L. Rystrom, V. Ramesh, I. Phillips (Journal of Applied Statistics 1994)
Section Two
Morphological Filters and Algorithms
139 Contrast features extraction F. Meyer (in Quantitative Analysis of Microstructures in Materials Science, Biology and Medicine, J.L. Chermant, editor, 1978)
146 Morphological filters. Part I: Their set-theoretic analysis and relations to linear shift-invariant filters Petros Maragos, Ronald W. Schafer (IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing 1987)
163 Morphological filters. Part II: Their relations to median, order- statistic, and stack filters Petros Maragos, Ronald W. Schafer (IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing 1987)
178 The algebraic basis of mathematical morphology. II. Openings and closings C. Ronse, H.J.A.M. Heijmans (CVGIP: Image Understanding 1991)
202 An overview of morphological filtering Jean Serra, Luc Vincent (Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing 1992)
264 Facilitation of optimal binary morphological filter design via structuring element libraries and design constraints Robert P. Loce, Edward R. Dougherty (Optical Engineering 1992)
282 Optimal mean-absolute-error hit-or-miss filters: morphological representation and estimation of the binary conditional expectation Edward R. Dougherty, Robert P. Loce (Optical Engineering 1993)
295 Morphological gradients Jean-Francois Rivest, Pierre Soille, Serge Beucher (Journal of Electronic Imaging 1993)
306 Rank-order and morphological enhancement of image details with an optoelectronic processor Tomasz Szoplik, Javier Garcia, Carlos Ferreira (Applied Optics 1995)
Section Three
Foundations of Optoelectronic Implementations of Morphological Processors
317 Median filtering by threshold decomposition J. Patrick Fitch, Edward J. Coyle, Neal C. Gallagher, Jr. (IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing 1984)
323 Stack filters Peter D. Wendt, Edward J. Coyle, Neal C. Gallagher, Jr. (IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing 1986)
337 Optical-digital method of local histogram calculation by threshold decomposition Vitaly Kober, Tomasz Cichocki, Marcin Gedziorowski, Tomasz Szoplik (Applied Optics 1993)
Section Four
Optoelectronic Implementations of Morphological Processing
347 The texture analyser J.C. Klein, J. Serra (Journal of Microscopy 1972)
355 Optical median filtering using threshold decomposition Ellen Ochoa, Jan P. Allebach, Donald W. Sweeney (Applied Optics 1987)
364 Nonlinear optical image filtering by time-sequential threshold decomposition James M. Hereford, William T. Rhodes (Optical Engineering 1988)
370 Optoelectronic implementation of mathematical morphology Liren Liu (Optics Letters 1989)
373 Mathematical morphology processor using ferroelectric liquid crystal light valves: principle Pierre Cambon, Jean-Louis Bougrenet de la Tocnaye (Applied Optics 1989)
378 Compact parallel real-time programmable optical morphological image processor Yao Li, Andrew Kostrzewski, Dai Hyun Kim, George Eichmann (Optics Letters 1989)
381 Morphological filtering using a Fourier transform hologram M. Killinger, J.L. de Bougrenet de la Tocknaye, P. Cambon, C. Le Moing (Optics Communications 1989)
386 Optical laboratory morphological inspection processor Elizabeth Botha, Jeffrey Richards, David P. Casasent (Applied Optics 1989)
395 Real-time non-linear image processing using an active optical scanning technique B.D. Duncan, T.-C. Poon, R.J. Pieper (Optics and Laser Technology 1991)
401 Optical multiscale morphological processor using a complex-valued kernel Adam Fedor, Mark O. Freemen (Applied Optics 1992)
410 Optical implementation of gray scale morphology Roland Schaefer, David Casasent (in Nonlinear Image Processing III, E.R. Dougherty, J. Astola, and C.G. Boncelet, editors, 1992)
419 Acousto-optic processing with electronic image feedback for morphological filtering Joseph N. Mait, Dennis W. Prather, Ravindra A. Athale (Applied Optics 1992)
431 Noise immunity of threshold decomposition optoelectronic order-statistic filtering Joseph L. Tasto, William T. Rhodes (Optics Letters 1993)
434 Optoelectronic morphological image processor Javier Garcia, Tomasz Szoplik, Carlos Ferreira (Optics Letters 1993)
437 Morphological hit-or-miss transform for binary and gray-tone image processing and its optical implementation Liren Liu (Optical Engineering 1994)
446 New optoelectronic morphological scheme for multiple-object recognition Zhongbing Yao, Minxian Wu, Guofan Jin, Guoliang Huang, Yingbai Yan (Optical Engineering 1994)
452 Nonlinear optical hit-miss transform for detection Roland Schaefer, David Casasent (Applied Optics 1995)
466 Programmable opticaldigital processor for rank order and morphological filtering Marcin Gedziorowski, Javier Garcia (Optics Communications 1995)
Section Five
Applications of Morphological Image Processing
479 Multiscale fractal theory and object characterization T. Peli (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1990)
491 Signal and image processing using three-dimensional binary ranking transforms Kendall Preston, Jr. (Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing 1992)
506 Measuring the fractal dimension of signals: morphological covers and iterative optimization Petros Maragos, Fang-Kuo Sun (IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 1993)
520 Optimization of morphological filters by learning Akira Asano, Kouichi Matsumura, Kazuyoshi Itoh, Yoshiki Ichioka, Shunsuke Yokozeki (Optics Communications 1994)
526 Gray-scale morphological granulometric texture classification Yidong Chen, Edward R. Dougherty (Optical Engineering 1994)
Section Six
Related Papers on Symbolic Substitution
539 Digital optical computing with symbolic substitution Karl-Heinz Brenner, Alan Huang, Norbert Streibl (Applied Optics 1986)
546 Symbolic substitution applications to image processing Stephen D. Goodman, William T. Rhodes (Applied Optics 1988)
553 Optical symbolic substitution for morphological transformations David Casasent, Elizabeth Botha (Applied Optics 1988)
Section Seven
Related Papers on Cellular Processors
561 OPALS: optical parallel array logic system Jun Tanida, Yoshiki Ichioka (Applied Optics 1986)
567 Optical cellular processor architecture. 1: Principles Jean Taboury, J.M. Wang, Pierre Chavel, F. Devos, Patrick Garda (Applied Optics 1988)
575 Image algebra representation of parallel optical binary arithmetic Kung-Shiuh Huang, B. Keith Jenkins, Alexander A. Sawchuk (Applied Optics 1989)
591 Image logic algebra and its optical implementations Masaki Fukui, Ken-ichi Kitayama (Applied Optics 1992)
603 One-operation image algebra and optoelectronic cellular two-layer logic array Liren Liu, Zibei Zhang, Xuejun Zhang (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1994)

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