The Moscone Center
San Francisco, California, United States
27 January - 1 February 2018
Conference LA302
Laser-based Micro- and Nanoprocessing XII
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Abstract Due:
17 July 2017

Author Notification:
25 September 2017

Manuscript Due Date:
3 January 2018

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Call for
The aim of this conference is to bring together scientists and engineers working on laser-based processes on micro- and nano-meter scales for advanced applications. Cutting-edge technological visions and applications are increasingly based on micro- and nano-system technologies. The realization of such devices or functional prototypes is often a new challenge for patterning, structuring, and processing. Scientists and engineers are increasingly confronted with tasks that cannot be accomplished with conventional tools.

Demands in high-tech industries are growing for specialized prototypes and high-throughput devices with micro- and nano-scaled structures, including fluidic, biologic, chemical, electronic, mechanical, or photonic features. Nano-materials and nano-patterning technologies increasingly coexist with micro-materials and micro-structuring technologies, leading not only to new applications and research fields but also to new challenges for appropriate assembly and processing technologies.

Laser-assisted applications emerge as an increasingly important technology which can be established in new technical approaches, in order to overcome apparent process limitations on nearly each material and for different scaling lengths. The conference is an ideal platform for scientists and engineers working on laser-based processes on micro- and nano-meter scales for advanced applications. These include photovoltaics, energy storage systems, MOEMS, MEMS/bio-MEMS, NEMS, micro- and nano-fluidic devices, which, e.g. apply advanced beam source and beam delivery technologies, including high throughput laser processing with high-speed scanners and advanced parallel processing techniques for improving the yield in the laser processes.

Papers are solicited on the following application-oriented topics and other laser processing related issues:
  • Fundamental physical and chemical issues in laser-based micro- and nano-fabrication, processing, 3D laser processing and assembly.
  • Laser material processing for metals, polymers, ceramics, semiconductors, or dissimilar materials
    • laser ablation (cutting, scribing, dicing, drilling, and cleaving).
    • laser joining (welding, soldering, bonding, splicing, and sealing).
    • laser transformations and modification for integrated device functionalities (annealing, curing, alloying, doping, metallization, cleaning, polymerization, sintering, cladding, bending, forming change of chemical/physical properties and transferring).
    • laser ablation and micro- and nano-machining relevant for device fabrication and processing (drilling, marking, engraving, milling, caving, texturing, trimming, deflashing).
    • laser surface structuring in the micro- and nano-meter scales (texturing, interference patterning, laser induced periodic surface patterns).
  • Laser processes for alternative energy sources and advanced energy storage systems (e.g. lithium-ion batteries), power-electronics devices, photovoltaics processing, including contact formation, laser-assisted selective metallization, edge isolation, thin film processing, and soldering etc.
  • Laser processing and packaging of thin and flexible advanced electronic and photonic components.
  • Structuring, packaging, and assembling of components in micro-reaction technology, micro-electronic and photonic devices, MOEMS, MEMS/bio-MEMS, NEMS , micro- and nano-fluidic devices and analytical systems (e.g. lab-on-chip).
  • High-speed large area laser processing and High speed laser beam engineering systems, advanced adaptive optics and beam engineering methods for improving laser processes, yields, and throughput.
  • Innovative "green photonics" for micro- and nano-processing and assembly.
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