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19 - 23 August 2018
Course (SC1120)
Finite Element Analysis of Optics
Wednesday 22 August 2018
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

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  • Course Level:
  • Intermediate
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  • 0.7
This course presents the use of finite element methods to model and predict the behavior of optical elements and support structures including lenses, mirrors, windows, and optical mounts in the presence of mechanical and environmental loads. Students will learn general FEA modeling strategies and guidelines specific to optical systems including how to develop low-fidelity models to quickly perform optomechanical design tradeoffs as well as the creation of high-fidelity models to support detailed design. Emphasized will be the application of FEA techniques to meet optical system error budget allocations including mounting tolerances, alignment errors, optical surface distortions, image stability, and wavefront error. In addition, use of FEA to ensure structural integrity requirements including yield, buckling, and fracture will be discussed.
Learning Outcomes
  • develop optical component and system level finite element models
  • model conventional and lightweight mirrors including evaluating the impact of optical coatings
  • analyze optical mounts including kinematic, flexure, and optical bond designs
  • predict optical alignment errors due to mechanical, assembly, and environmental loads
  • perform optical surface error analyses using Zernike polynomials
  • predict optical system image motion due to thermal and dynamic environments
  • evaluate the effects of temperature and stress on optical performance
This course is intended for mechanical engineers interested in learning about the application of finite element analysis in the mechanical design of optical systems. An interest in optomechanical engineering and/or familiarity with finite element software is recommended.
About the
Victor L. Genberg has over 40-years experience in the application of finite element methods to high-performance optical structures and is a recognized expert in opto-mechanics. He is currently President of Sigmadyne, Inc. and a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Rochestor where he teaches courses in optomechanics, finite element analysis, and design optimization. He is the co-author of the book titled Integrated Optomechanical Analysis has over 40 publications in this field including two chapters in the CRC Handbook of Optomechanical Engineering. Prior to founding Sigmadyne, Dr. Genberg spent 28-years at Eastman Kodak serving as a technical specialist for military and commercial optical systems.
COURSE PRICE INCLUDES the eBook Integrated Optomechanical Analysis, 2nd Edition (SPIE Press, 2012) by Keith Doyle, Victor Genberg, and Gregory Michels.
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