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3 - 7 April 2016
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Schott Workshop on the Properties of Optical Glass and Special Optical Materials
Date: Monday 4 April 2016
Time: 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Peter Hartmann, SCHOTT AG, (Germany)
Steffen Reichel, SCHOTT AG, (Germany)

Optical glass is a key material for general technology . It is the material providing the essential function of imaging in precision optics, a ubiquitous discipline in scientific research, development, diagnosis and metrology in production processes .

SCHOTT offers an introduction to optical materials such as optical glass, special optical glass, filters from colored glasses or made by coating and the zero-expansion glass ceramic Zerodur.

The first part of the workshop concentrates on optical glass. An overview will be given of the glass types program including eco -, classical -, low Tg and high transmittance glass types as well as development trends for new glass types. Some information will be presented underlining the highly strategic relevance of these optical materials.

The production process of optical glass, its melting and the tempering process called fine annealing, will be presented in the view of their influence on glass properties. These properties especially refractive index, dispersion, homogeneity, transmittance, bubbles and inclusions, striae and stress birefringence will be discussed in detail including their measurement methods.

The second part provides an overview over glass types optimized for special requirements with their main properties and applications:

  • glasses resistant to ionizing radiation for use in space orbits
  • low fluorescent glasses for microscopy
  • infrared transmitting glasses
  • glass blanks for large optical elements up to 1 meter
  • colored glass filters
  • coated glass filters
  • the zero-expansion glass ceramic ZERODUR for applications where extreme length or shape accuracy and stability is crucial, its very low coefficient of thermal expansion CTE and the high CTE homogeneity.
  • Photonics Europe Industry Programme
    Date: Wednesday 6 April 2016
    Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Wednesday 6 April Session
    09:00 to 17:00

    Photonics Europe Industry Session

    09:00 - Opening Remarks


    Photonics: at the heart of the successful digitalisation of European industry and the economy
    Ronan Burgess, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission


    AIM Photonics Institute
    Michael Liehr, CEO AIM Photonics, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, United States

    AIM Photonics – An Overview of the new Manufacturing Institute for Integrated Photonics
    The recently established American Institute for Manufacturing Photonics (AIM Photonics) is a manufacturing consortium headquartered in NY, with funding from the US Department of Defense (DoD), New York State, and industrial partners to advance the state of the art in the design, manufacture, testing, assembly, and packaging of integrated photonic devices. Dr. Michael Liehr, CEO of AIM Photonics, will describe the technical goals, operational framework, near-term milestones, and opportunities for the broader photonics community.

    10:30 - Networking Break

    11:00 - Panel: Bringing Technologies to Market (Challenges to Commercialization)

    Panel Moderator: James Regan, CEO Effect Photonics, Netherlands

    25 minute talks followed by moderated Q&A period



    Integrated Photonics
    James Regan, CEO Effect Photonics, Netherlands


    Single Crystal Fiber
    Daniel Guillot, CEO Fibercryst, France


    Tim Harper, Co-founder G20 Water, UK

    12:15 - Networking Lunch


    3D laser lithography
    Ruth Houbertz, CEO Multiphoton Optics, Germany


    Quantum technology
    Juergen Stuhler, Sr. Dir. Quantum Technologies TOPTICA Photonics, Germany

    14.35 - Moderated Q&A

    15:00 - Networking Break


    Industry update
    Stephen G. Anderson, Director, Industry Development, SPIE, United States

    16:00 - Networking Reception

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